How we do

addFuture’s main focus is to add value to your business.
Sounds simple? If done right, it is.

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We believe that Value-add is hard work and requires a solid understanding of “What”, “When” and “How” elements. The “What” is defined by your business needs and challenges, the “When” is outlined in a future oriented strategy and respective action plan. The “How” is the most complex part as it is the key to a successful implementation of the defined “What” and “When” elements. Here experience is key, as sensitive aspects need to be considered.

Objectives & Strategy

We work together with you in realigning objectives and developing a winning strategy. We review and refine existing strategies and activities, to re-define objectives and craft a digital strategy in alignment with your business and marketing strategy in order to meet your milestones.

We work hands-on with you in implementing the developed digital strategy and integrating it successfully into your business processes and your organization.

Business Integration & Execution

We want to ensure a long lasting relationship and success. The same philosophy is applied to our partner companies. We develop business cases, value drivers, road maps and implementation plans. When required, we help design the right organization structure and recommend needed resources. And we ensure you select the right vendors or providers, recruit the right staff as well as needed specialists to be successful.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

We work with you to develop an integrated marketing mix that compliments traditional marketing channels with New Media elements. We work on defining Digital Marketing & Social Media positioning as well brand or product messages. We will identify the right channel presence and target audience with high affinity to your message and so defining an engaging customer approach.

Big Data Analytics, Monitoring & Metrics

We work with you to define data collection needs for business context and the appropriate monitoring and metrics strategy. We assist you in identifying clear metrics, evaluating and selecting the tools aligned with business requirements, setting up monitoring processes and designing management reports and dashboards.

Collecting information about user or customer behavior in real time ("Big Data") enables a more detailed segmentation and provides quantifiable efficiency gains. Findings within an analyzed customer journey lead to an effective assessment of needs, budgeting and intensity of individual or linked advertising campaigns. It also helps in reaching defined objectives, such as leads and sales.