There is solid strategic know-how in companies. There is also good expertise in the market when it comes to Digital, Social Media & Business Consulting. What is missing is a balance between deep understanding of New Media and seniority in business experience. This is addFuture’s key differentiation. Here is where we can add significant Value.

Digital Marketing

Today’s online media and digital marketing is complex. In order to stay competitive in the Digital Age, companies need to rethink their strategies and invest into online media and digital marketing to be able to succeed in customer acquisition and orientation, relationship building and effective consumer targeting.

addFuture provides insights into the ever growing cloud of technological developments and how to effectively make use of the latest digital trends, tools and methodologies.

  • A customer journey analysis helps you to understand your advertising impact on customer’s behaviour and the touch points to engage with your target audience.
  • Consumer behaviour becomes understandable and transparent with Big Data modelling and data segmentation & analysis.
  • Individual and combined digital marketing measures such as affiliate programs, SEA, Retargeting, Real Time Advertising (RTA & RTB), conversion optimization, contextual ads can be optimized to steer your campaign towards the set goals, ensuring a positive Return on Investment.
  • Choosing the right media channel and creating consumer-orientated content such as visuals, video, display, SEO, HTML-Newsletter as well as Social Media content can improve your brand’s reputation as well as produce an amplification of your online activities.

Social Media For Business

Social is nothing new – people have been hanging out, evaluating, recommending and shopping for centuries. What has changed is the access and channels used to do so.

The term Social Media (SoMe) consists of two words – social and media.
Yet as an ingredient in the Marketing mix, most businesses tend to spend their efforts and budgets on the “media” part, as the understanding of perceived benefits and opportunities of Social Media is not clear to them. It is still used as "shout marketing" with companies trying to promote their offerings in their familiar ways – just on New Media channels.
If “social” is mentioned it focuses on Social Media tools. However tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Xing, LinkedIn, and Pinterest will change.

Social Media is still in a “contradiction phase”.
For businesses it is perceived as of high importance. For executives however, trying to understand the benefits in financial terms and link Social Media efforts to ROI and the concrete difference Social Media can make to their business is still not fully understood. Therefore budgets for Social Media activities are usually below 5% of the overall marketing budget.
Initiatives start typically in the Marketing or Communications department by formulating a Social Media Strategy with objectives to increase brand awareness, to inform customers about products and services and to increase customer loyalty and retention. However activities are barely aligned - rather separated from each other than linked to an overall strategy, or integrated into core business processes. Without connecting all SoMe activities to its strategy and without specifying its contributions to reaching Business objectives and measuring against them, the added Business Value of Social Media is missed.

addFuture’s goal is to help you build a Social Business design by developing tool-independent programs that focus on how your company can “be” social, not how it should “do” social. We optimize the parts of the Value chain that can be more socialized and connected with stakeholders by integrating social elements into different areas of your organization in order to reach the organisation’s objectives. So in the long term, Social Media will provide the competitive edge and adds actual Value to your Business.

Digital Business Strategy

addFuture focuses on re-thinking, re-framing, re-structuring and re-shaping the way organizations do business.

The always-connected consumer is no longer a futuristic theory, it is reality. Today’s consumers know more and expect more. They call for transparency, want to contribute and exchange ideas. Everywhere, 24 hours! This has far-reaching effects on businesses.
Likewise the same technological advances influence companies internally. The rise of Enterprise 2.0 with networking and collaboration tools are influencing todays work environment.

So how do you respond to the new demands and expectations of the "connected world"? Is your current value chain model still valid? Are the connected processes still efficient, your cost-benefit equation still up-to-date? And how do you manage to significantly and accordingly enhance processes and offers? In the Digital Age, a whole new perspective is added to business engineering and evaluation of the organisational structure.

We help you in identify and adopt a digital business strategy that embraces the changing environment and provides the basis for future growth and increasing return-on-investment.

New Business

For companies, the imperative to grow is a battle for productivity, quality, customer orientation and speed to market.

With constant changing environments and new competitors entering the market the winning factor to achieve operational effectiveness and added business value is often the creation of or investment into New Business - funding a new company, scaling your business, entering new markets or sometimes selling of your existing firm to a strategic investor.

We provide special know how on mergers & acquisitions and private/public placement as well as research and asset management to a diverse range of private investors, corporate clients, institutional investors and high net worth individuals. We specialise in digital, such as ecommerce, Big Data, online sales houses, software and innovation hardware.

With a true passion for entrepreneurship and innovation coupled with wide reaching buyer relations, we have completed transactions for numerous innovators and market transformers such as mediasquares, adseven, telfish, adkey, ad pepper, Virtual Minds Group, Wine & Gourmet Digital, Publicitas.